Welcome to the Tk104 GPS Tracker WikiEdit

As many of us are using one of the tk104 gps trackers, this wiki could be help to many of us. Please feel free to contribute as much you can. Joining this wiki is very easy ;)

Good to knowEdit

  • in SMS-mode alarms are sent via SMS
  • in GPRS-mode alarms are sent via GPRS
    • Exceptions:
      • deep-sleep-alarm is only available in sms-mode

Best Practices Edit

Simple Track Edit

No special settings, just send the begin-command to reset everything and start tracking.

  • begin123456 (reply: "begin ok!)

In this mode the tracker does:

  • reply the coordinates when called by authorized phone
  • reply the address in text-form when gprs-settings are set correctly by the following sms:
    • address123456

to view at the onlinie platform, we have to set it to gprs mode first:

  • gprs123456 (reply "GPRS OK!")

Track with maximum battery life-time if only destinations are important Edit

For this it would be best to let sleep the tracker as most as possible in deep-sleep mode (GPS and GPRS off). Only vibration can awake the tracker!

  • begin123456 (reply: "begin ok!)
  • sleep123456 deepshock reply: ("sleep deep ok!")
  • save030s***n123456 (reply: "save ok") ??? not sure that this really works ???

When you want to see the results in the online Platform, you have to manually load the data to it. But be careful, this command is only available if the tracker is not in deep-sleep mode and it gets back within about 5 minutes to this mode.

  • gprs123456
  • load123456
  • sms123456 (to set it back to sms-mode and save battery - gsm mode is consuming less power than gprs mode)

Trial & Error Edit

Trial 1: Expected result: sleep until vibration, sending an alarm via sms by waking up. Edit

Commands Edit

  • begin123456 (reply: "begin ok!")
  • sleep123456 deepsleep (reply: "sleep deep ok!")
  • admin123456 <telephonenumber> (reply: "admin ok!")

Notes Edit

  • even if the phone is set as master, it only receives the deep-sleep-wake-up-alert when setting it's number with the admin command.
  • once these 3 commands are set and the receiver falls in deep-sleep, you get an message at wake-up ("deep shock! Lac: ...")

Result Edit

  • it works!

Trial 2: Expected result: sleep until vibration, then save positions every 30 seconds to internal memory. Edit

Commands Edit

  • begin123456 (reply: "begin ok!")
  • sleep123456 deepsleep (reply: "sleep deep ok!")
  • admin123456 <telephonenumber> (reply: "admin ok!")
  • save030s***n (reply: "save ok")

Unexpected results Edit

  • device don't go to deep sleep mode (it is still possible to call the tracker - and it replys with sms of location)

Reasons Edit

  • Apperently once the save-command is set, it don't go to deep sleep mode :(

Online Platforms Edit Edit

this is the platform of ZY Limited.

  • for about 2 weeks its free to try
  • you can register your IMEI for about € 5 a year
    • a licence can be buyed at ebay. For this search at ebay for "IMEI activation tk104" and tell them your IMEI at buying. Edit

this is the platform of petrocad sa

  • for about 1 weeks its free to try
  • you can register your IMEI for about 15 USD per year

Commands Edit

sleep123456 deepsleep

  • sets the tracker to deep sleep mode, i.e. GPS and GPRS are turned off, only vibration can awake the tracker
  • sends alerts when waking up
    • only if in SMS-mode, once you have changed to GPRS-mode, it won't send any wake up messages via SMS.
  • it seems that this mode can not be set when "save"-command is active

Manuals Edit

Technical documentation Edit

GPRS data protocol Edit

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  • link to search function

  • link to search function

  • list of commands

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